Back to normal slowly

Back to Neath after a lovely holiday in Norwich, it was great meeting up with friends. I wasn’t able to do any journalling so its catch up big time. Here is my prompt8 walking in the rain

I love walking in the rain as long as i don't mind what i look like the other end, lol to splish splash in the puddles is wonderful but you need wellies on.


Which beverage will make you say “Ahh thats better” well for me its a Diet Coke, its my all time favourite drink, I enjoy a cup of tea and will drink a coffee now and again but i love a Diet Coke. It was developed by Dr John S Pemberton and released on 8th May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. Frank Robinson named the drink Coca-Cola and designed the logo which is still used today, he used the then popular Spencerian script.


No time for Journal


Well there hasn’t been time for the journal but i have managed a couple of rows for the continuing band sampler. Its starting to take shape now.

Here in Norwich

What a journey from home to Norwich never thought we would get here, the traffic on the M25 was murder then trying to get out of the services near Stanstead was impossible, please avoid these services to save your sanity. We left a wonderful sunny day came to the rain, so who says it always rains in Wales?

The apartment is lovelyimageimage

As you can see very contemporary which is what we like. Its around the corner from Norwich football ground so hoping to bump into Delia lol. It is very handy for shops Morrisons, Outfit with a few others and dare i say it Hobbycraft. Will try and sneak in there lol.

Delsceys birthday went well on the Saturday, Pat and Royce collected us and we drove over to Suffolk to Bury St Edmunds, a lovely town. We had a super lunch at the Bumbury.

Then sat in the garden back at Delsceys eating cake and drinking Bucks Fizz. A good day had by all. Happy 80th birthday Delscey.

Continuation of the banding


I have swapped over to a piece of aida to continue with the band sampler. Of course they will be sewn together later on. I have been following TAST at where Sharon has been doing one stitch on a Tuesday on most weeks and publishing them on a blog. There is an amazing collection of stitches on Sarah Whittle’s site as well I have followed a few from both sites and rather enjoying the restricted stitch. Sometimes you need to go back to where you started and my starting point was embroidery, i feel I am falling in love with embroidery all over again.

The fabric book is moving along slowly and the fourth page is now finished imageI rather enjoyed stitching this, I can’t take the credit for the design as i saw something similar on Pintrest, sorry i don’t know who, if i find it again i will post the link. I love Alliums and have a few very large ones growing at the allotment. Daises are also one of my favourite flowers so maybe that will be the next page.

Prompt 7,


What can you do with an egg is our 7 th prompt. Think lateral.

Well my attempt is a nest egg, i was taught to save when i was a child, its now paying off in my time of life. With Roy working in the stock market for many years we did do a few investments but very little as Roy had to sign a declaration regards to insider dealings. Lol
Another thing you can do with an egg is to stop a radiator leak, when the egg is dropped into the radiator it seals up the hole. One way to poach your eggs.

Lazy Sunday Morning

Sat in the garden having coffee and catching up on the prompts. I had a day of retail therapy yesterday getting things for my impending holiday on Friday. We are off to Norwich for a week we will be meeting up with friends and travelling to Suffolf for a joint friends 80th birthday. Balloon already just need to finish off the present.image


Do you love to lose yourself in a good book? Drama? Detective? Maybe you would rather watch a good film or TV programme instead? Or maybe you just prefer to read the paper with your breakfast. Write about which you prefer.
I love the written and spoken word, i love text, i like to add text where and when i can. I love to read and i love to sew haven’t mastered both together yet, however, they have developed the Ipod which is my dear friend. I am happy to sit with my Ipod playing a good historical story to me whilst i stitch away. Sheer heaven. So i enjoy all aspects of what technology has given to me and happy to download magazines from Zino also books to my Kindle.

I love to look at my textile related books and i have collections all over the house so hubby doesn’t see how many i actually own. Lol (it is a lot). But just as happy to pick up the Ipad and read downloads that i have saved from Interweave.

My favourite books are historicals and especially those written by Sharon Kay Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick. They write factual where as others use poetic license. Sharons’s book the Sunn of Splendour, is with out doubt the best ever. The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick follows very close behind. However, i have had a love affair in my mind with Ross Poldark
So Winston Graham the creator is up there. If you didn’t know but Poldark returns to our screens in 2015 they are filming now. I also love my textile books, Sarah Lawrence is one, Maggie Grey books are always worth a look. I love Angie Hughes book my only problem with it is that its not enough. I want more.
Books in what ever format are never far away from me. I am glad to say.