Pencils sharpened, sketchbook ready, lets get going

I have always wanted to do a sketchbook, i would find myself a sketchbook, sharpen the pencils and open up the first page and the mind would go blank, now i know that often happens to me, but its worse with a blank white clean page of paper in front of me. It takes me back to school when you had a new exercise book on the first day of a new term and you wrote in your best hand writing with intentions of doing the same every time you wrote in it, but it didn’t last, not even to the second page. Well a first page in a sketchbook is like that.
So i joined a facebook group Be Creative with the group owner being Myfanwy Hart. Myfanwy is known for using and teaching how to use an embellishing machine also dyeing fabrics and threads she runs a very successful company selling dyed fabric and threads. But there is a lot more to Myfanwy as I am beginning to find out. Be creative has wonderful talented members, each one having a go at being creative. Once a monthish Myfanwy runs a Be Creative weekend usually starting in a Friday and running till Sunday night. Every few hours Myfanwy will post a prompt and we interoperate what we will from the prompt and create something, it can be as simple as folding a piece of A4 paper and drawing in the boxes but it gets the mind working the hands working and it can kick start you into something you had never thought of before.
Well, with all this sport on the telly Myfanwy came

Sketchbook ready

Sketchbook ready

up with idea of doing a summer journal and asked if anyone wanted to join her, the response was over whelming, i added my name to the list. It was then suggested we might like to blog about how we got on so hey here goes my first blog.


6 thoughts on “Pencils sharpened, sketchbook ready, lets get going

  1. nuvofelt

    Little did I know when I suggested the journal that more than 6 people would be interested! I wonder what that actually says about sport……..?


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