Today is the day, we are up and running and Myfanwy has posted the first prompt.

To sit somewhere quite and write what you hear.   So i took myself off to my garden. Its a small garden but I love it, i have tried to fill it with plants and flowers i love. I have one little corner to finish off then i will be happy with it. Its 10am warm but not too hot, the garden looks fresh as the sun is heating up. I have my box of felt tipped pens, pencil and sketchbook ready. Opening the first page its blue. Just the colour needed as the sky is a beautiful blue today. Myfanwy suggested we colourwashed a few pages in advance. Well here goes…………..

I write all that i heard and tried to draw what i heard but my drawing needs a lot of improvement I read an article where it said to be good at drawing you need to draw more something like 10,000 hours so I guess I am never going to be good so I plan to stop worrying about it.

Summer journal page 1image


3 thoughts on “Day 1, Prompt 1 1st July 2014 Summer Journal

  1. Helena Roberts (van der Meer)

    That is lovely Chris …. keep going 😀 I feel quite the same about being creative and I think quite a lot of us Be Creatives do … but I feel so much better just doing it and shutting up that critical voice in my head :). I am still hovering on the start-blog thing but have to have a go …

  2. Angela Graham

    10,000 hours is a crazy amount. Throw the rubber away and go for it! Looking at things carefully helps a lot. Keep going with the drawing!!


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