Not only

My gosh this is going to be one summer, i am starting a summer journal with Myfanwy and a huge bunch of lovely ladies, i am also starting a fabric book, this also has been on the to do list for many years. Its the knowing where to start i think the problem lies. I look at Pintrest, you Tube for ideas and spend ages devouring all the images and decide my work would not be good enough and don’t start anything. Well this year that is not going to happen I am starting a Fabric Book come what may.

I have done two pages so far here is the firstimage

Here is the secondimage

Not looking too bad i don’t think, acceptable. I have joined the pages back to back and blanket stitched around three sides the fourth side is where i am going to add a flange so that the pages can be joined together.

I am in a postcard swap with the wonderful group Be Creative and our theme for the postcard was House. For this i decided to make a house.image

I wasn’t happy with it so i didn’t send it and did something else but not to waste it i think i will add it to my fabric book. The door opens so looking for an image to go in before i sew it all down, i think i will add a few buttons down the edge.

Another thing i would like to start is a Slow Cloth, oh my gosh they are wonderful, but to be honest i just could not give the time up to make one so i will put that on the back burner for a project when i retire. However, my dear friend Pam suggested doing a small version in the firm of a band rather than a cloth and using an old silk wooden bobbin to roll the band around. So i found one on ebay and waiting for it to be delivered. Last night i started the band off image

The first few rows will be blackwork (I know I have done it in red) and then i will move through all the counted thread techniques one by one. I plan to add more fabric on to the band to do surface embroidery.

So like i said its going to be one busy summer but what is good is that i feel excited by the new projects, its giving me a bit of a fire in my tummy, and i haven’t felt that for years.
Your welcome to follow the progress and please feel free to add any tips or what i could dos……….


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