Look what arrived in the post


This is the silk wooden bobbin i was going on about the other day, i am chuffed with it. The band i am doing is a little small for it but it gives it room to expand. I did manage another row yesterday of blackwork, this time using black thread. Over the years i have done a lot of blackwork its a technique i love. I think its because of its history going as far back as Henry V111 where his dutiful wife Catherine would blackwork his cuffs and collars for him.

I remember my old tutor poo pooing counted thread techniques but its how most start doing embroidery and if it means they have a needle in the hand that is great by me. On the subject of needles have a look here http://www.pointintime.co.uk its the old Redditch Needleworks where they are trying to raise funds to open an arts centre. I am interested in this project as one side of my family are from Redditch and were nearly all involved someway with the needle industry, great Granddad Hobday had his own needle company and he sharpened surgical needles.

So i will continue for a while with counted thread techniques on my slow band. I haven’t added anything to the fabric book that is next on the list. So TTFN.


4 thoughts on “Look what arrived in the post

  1. Helena Roberts (van der Meer)

    happy days when something comes in the parcel post πŸ˜€ .. I started with counted cross stitch and sampler work … what’s wrong with that … tutors should be strictly forbidden to poopooh anything at all!!! I think it is lovely therapeutic work too. Although I always altered the designs I was working on that was mainly colour schemes etc … and I made many pieces counting stitches religiously … now I can’t do that any more and want total freedom … I will show what I am doing with my left over efforts that went to the bottom of the embroidery basket on my blog one of these days. Long live blackwork! and needles πŸ˜‰

    1. chriscrackerstitch Post author

      Hi Janet i am not sure i will check the ebay bill to see where it came from i know they have others on there for sale. Its lovely i love it, i just want to fill it now with lots of embroidery.


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