Prompt 4, 4 th July


Myfanwy of gave us the 4th prompt today.
What is your perfect day?

Well my perfect day would start when i woke up. Breakfast in my garden, enjoying the warm sun, watching Cracker chasing flies. Enjoying the flowers. Lunch at the beach, people watching, meeting up with family. Looking out to sea. Grandchildren around me. The smell of the sea. Very light lunch. Walk along the promenade, maybe an ice cream. Holding hands with Roy. Sitting a while soaking in the sun. Reading a good book something like Sharon K penman. Returning home to change. Meeting up with friends at a posh hotel , looking very smart feeling very comfortable with myself. Afternoon tea with a cake stand and a big pot of tea. Lots of laughter, smiles. Being with hubby and friends. Maybe followed by a glass of wine. Driving along looking at the bright lights of the shops, Christmas trees decorated and shining light. Home to a warm cozy fire, in my pyjamas curled up in my chair, hubby by my side. Cracker on his seat. Embroidery in hand, both of us watching a good film like Jazz Singer with Neil Diamond, or Dirty Dancing. Off to bed and locking up and saying goodnight. The three of us up the pears. Dropping off to sleep dreaming of my perfect day.

Now i know the seasons are all mixed up but it would be my perfect day.


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