Lazy Sunday Morning

Sat in the garden having coffee and catching up on the prompts. I had a day of retail therapy yesterday getting things for my impending holiday on Friday. We are off to Norwich for a week we will be meeting up with friends and travelling to Suffolf for a joint friends 80th birthday. Balloon already just need to finish off the present.image


Do you love to lose yourself in a good book? Drama? Detective? Maybe you would rather watch a good film or TV programme instead? Or maybe you just prefer to read the paper with your breakfast. Write about which you prefer.
I love the written and spoken word, i love text, i like to add text where and when i can. I love to read and i love to sew haven’t mastered both together yet, however, they have developed the Ipod which is my dear friend. I am happy to sit with my Ipod playing a good historical story to me whilst i stitch away. Sheer heaven. So i enjoy all aspects of what technology has given to me and happy to download magazines from Zino also books to my Kindle.

I love to look at my textile related books and i have collections all over the house so hubby doesn’t see how many i actually own. Lol (it is a lot). But just as happy to pick up the Ipad and read downloads that i have saved from Interweave.

My favourite books are historicals and especially those written by Sharon Kay Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick. They write factual where as others use poetic license. Sharons’s book the Sunn of Splendour, is with out doubt the best ever. The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick follows very close behind. However, i have had a love affair in my mind with Ross Poldark
So Winston Graham the creator is up there. If you didn’t know but Poldark returns to our screens in 2015 they are filming now. I also love my textile books, Sarah Lawrence is one, Maggie Grey books are always worth a look. I love Angie Hughes book my only problem with it is that its not enough. I want more.
Books in what ever format are never far away from me. I am glad to say.


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