Continuation of the banding


I have swapped over to a piece of aida to continue with the band sampler. Of course they will be sewn together later on. I have been following TAST at where Sharon has been doing one stitch on a Tuesday on most weeks and publishing them on a blog. There is an amazing collection of stitches on Sarah Whittle’s site as well I have followed a few from both sites and rather enjoying the restricted stitch. Sometimes you need to go back to where you started and my starting point was embroidery, i feel I am falling in love with embroidery all over again.

The fabric book is moving along slowly and the fourth page is now finished imageI rather enjoyed stitching this, I can’t take the credit for the design as i saw something similar on Pintrest, sorry i don’t know who, if i find it again i will post the link. I love Alliums and have a few very large ones growing at the allotment. Daises are also one of my favourite flowers so maybe that will be the next page.


One thought on “Continuation of the banding

  1. nuvofelt

    I loved learning new stitches. I can’t remember half of them now. I followed Sharon for a while a couple of years ago – but ran out of time to continue. It’s a blog worth following as you say.


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