Here in Norwich

What a journey from home to Norwich never thought we would get here, the traffic on the M25 was murder then trying to get out of the services near Stanstead was impossible, please avoid these services to save your sanity. We left a wonderful sunny day came to the rain, so who says it always rains in Wales?

The apartment is lovelyimageimage

As you can see very contemporary which is what we like. Its around the corner from Norwich football ground so hoping to bump into Delia lol. It is very handy for shops Morrisons, Outfit with a few others and dare i say it Hobbycraft. Will try and sneak in there lol.

Delsceys birthday went well on the Saturday, Pat and Royce collected us and we drove over to Suffolk to Bury St Edmunds, a lovely town. We had a super lunch at the Bumbury.

Then sat in the garden back at Delsceys eating cake and drinking Bucks Fizz. A good day had by all. Happy 80th birthday Delscey.


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