Back to normal slowly

Back to Neath after a lovely holiday in Norwich, it was great meeting up with friends. I wasn’t able to do any journalling so its catch up big time. Here is my prompt8 walking in the rain

I love walking in the rain as long as i don't mind what i look like the other end, lol to splish splash in the puddles is wonderful but you need wellies on.


Which beverage will make you say “Ahh thats better” well for me its a Diet Coke, its my all time favourite drink, I enjoy a cup of tea and will drink a coffee now and again but i love a Diet Coke. It was developed by Dr John S Pemberton and released on 8th May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. Frank Robinson named the drink Coca-Cola and designed the logo which is still used today, he used the then popular Spencerian script.


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