Prompt 4, 4 th July


Myfanwy of gave us the 4th prompt today.
What is your perfect day?

Well my perfect day would start when i woke up. Breakfast in my garden, enjoying the warm sun, watching Cracker chasing flies. Enjoying the flowers. Lunch at the beach, people watching, meeting up with family. Looking out to sea. Grandchildren around me. The smell of the sea. Very light lunch. Walk along the promenade, maybe an ice cream. Holding hands with Roy. Sitting a while soaking in the sun. Reading a good book something like Sharon K penman. Returning home to change. Meeting up with friends at a posh hotel , looking very smart feeling very comfortable with myself. Afternoon tea with a cake stand and a big pot of tea. Lots of laughter, smiles. Being with hubby and friends. Maybe followed by a glass of wine. Driving along looking at the bright lights of the shops, Christmas trees decorated and shining light. Home to a warm cozy fire, in my pyjamas curled up in my chair, hubby by my side. Cracker on his seat. Embroidery in hand, both of us watching a good film like Jazz Singer with Neil Diamond, or Dirty Dancing. Off to bed and locking up and saying goodnight. The three of us up the pears. Dropping off to sleep dreaming of my perfect day.

Now i know the seasons are all mixed up but it would be my perfect day.


Finished another fabric page

i finished the house page today and managed to find a picture to stitch just inside the front door. Adding the buttons i think balanced it all up. Back to the drawing board for the next page.

Prompt 3 day 3


Whats my style. .. Make a fashion statement.
I gave up many years ago trying to make a fashion statement, looking back i must have looked stupid. Mini skirts with legs like tree trunks, camel haired coats with extra large fur trims. I am shuderring at the thought of it all, thank god there is very little photographic evidence of it all. Lol my fashion today is practical and confortable, i am happy in a pair of jeans and a top. However, i do like to be smart when the need arises.
I really love the fashion in the last century but you really needed to be tall, slender and a thin waist all of which i am the dead opposite to. Lol but to have been able to wear some thing like this wedding dress would be wonderful.

Look what arrived in the post


This is the silk wooden bobbin i was going on about the other day, i am chuffed with it. The band i am doing is a little small for it but it gives it room to expand. I did manage another row yesterday of blackwork, this time using black thread. Over the years i have done a lot of blackwork its a technique i love. I think its because of its history going as far back as Henry V111 where his dutiful wife Catherine would blackwork his cuffs and collars for him.

I remember my old tutor poo pooing counted thread techniques but its how most start doing embroidery and if it means they have a needle in the hand that is great by me. On the subject of needles have a look here its the old Redditch Needleworks where they are trying to raise funds to open an arts centre. I am interested in this project as one side of my family are from Redditch and were nearly all involved someway with the needle industry, great Granddad Hobday had his own needle company and he sharpened surgical needles.

So i will continue for a while with counted thread techniques on my slow band. I haven’t added anything to the fabric book that is next on the list. So TTFN.

2nd post for the Summer Journal


Yesterdays post Listen sort of played on my mind and i was humming a tune and i couldn’t think what that tune was then bang it hit me, it was Listen by Beyonce, now that really fitted in with yesterdays post so i have printed a few verses of the song.

Now on to todays post what would you miss if the world was chocolate…

Well here is my pagesimageimage

If the world was chocolate i would miss LOVE the most, the arms of my family around me, the cry of my little cat and other animals, i really would miss my needle and thread, fresh veggies from Roys allotment, trees flowers and plants. I like chocolate but i love life.

I love embroidered things

Good morning, its 5.29am and i am up way to early so i thought i would drop by here and show you some of the work my students have been doing. Uma has made this lovely hexagon baby quilt and in the centre of each flower she has done an embroidery. Its so lovely.image
You can really see the detail on this photoimage

I love to see embroidery, Uma has done some lovely work on this. Another student has made a lovely craft bagimage

This has been made by several of the students and its a very useful bag, i made one for my step grand daughter for the arrival of her baby, but it could even be made into a gardening bag if a hard wearing canvas was used as the main fabric.

Not only

My gosh this is going to be one summer, i am starting a summer journal with Myfanwy and a huge bunch of lovely ladies, i am also starting a fabric book, this also has been on the to do list for many years. Its the knowing where to start i think the problem lies. I look at Pintrest, you Tube for ideas and spend ages devouring all the images and decide my work would not be good enough and don’t start anything. Well this year that is not going to happen I am starting a Fabric Book come what may.

I have done two pages so far here is the firstimage

Here is the secondimage

Not looking too bad i don’t think, acceptable. I have joined the pages back to back and blanket stitched around three sides the fourth side is where i am going to add a flange so that the pages can be joined together.

I am in a postcard swap with the wonderful group Be Creative and our theme for the postcard was House. For this i decided to make a house.image

I wasn’t happy with it so i didn’t send it and did something else but not to waste it i think i will add it to my fabric book. The door opens so looking for an image to go in before i sew it all down, i think i will add a few buttons down the edge.

Another thing i would like to start is a Slow Cloth, oh my gosh they are wonderful, but to be honest i just could not give the time up to make one so i will put that on the back burner for a project when i retire. However, my dear friend Pam suggested doing a small version in the firm of a band rather than a cloth and using an old silk wooden bobbin to roll the band around. So i found one on ebay and waiting for it to be delivered. Last night i started the band off image

The first few rows will be blackwork (I know I have done it in red) and then i will move through all the counted thread techniques one by one. I plan to add more fabric on to the band to do surface embroidery.

So like i said its going to be one busy summer but what is good is that i feel excited by the new projects, its giving me a bit of a fire in my tummy, and i haven’t felt that for years.
Your welcome to follow the progress and please feel free to add any tips or what i could dos……….